Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Did You Know?

It's been a crisp and beautiful fall day.... this Tuesday the 26th of November, which happens to be my son, Josh's, 12th birthday.  As I have sat at my desk this evening dreading the amount of studying I need to do for my upcoming statistics exam, my mind kept wandering to thoughts of the past 12 years with this incredible young man. I decided no amount of studying is more important than expressing my feelings on paper (or blog). He will never turn 12 again, and in many ways it is a milestone in his life for which calls for special attention and an historic account (at least for my books, anyway). As I've pondered on his life, I ask myself, "Josh, did you  know the person for which you would become?"

I was thrilled to know we would be having another boy, after Hunter. I thought it would be great to have two boys grow up close in age to each other, to be each other's best friend, to have a buddy to play with, that would want to play with each other.  I felt blessed, yet again, to know that I would deliver a healthy baby boy.  I clearly remember the day when I was given a blessing of comfort by our home teacher, (while pregnant with Josh and being tested through amniocentesis to rule out the same disease his big sister died from). It was as peaceful a feeling I can remember when the words pronounced to me through our home teacher by inspiration were, "Do not doubt that he will be born healthy." Did you know then Josh, while still in my protection, that you would be spared the pain your sister endured?

He was born a fair skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed baby (which later changed to light brown eyes); different from his older brother in every way.  He melted my heart each time I fed him as his arm reached up to rub my neck back and forth, back and forth as he would stare into my eyes.  Did you know then, Josh, that those long arms would come in handy as you have learned the trombone and played to your heart's content?

As a toddler and preschooler he reminded me daily that I was, "wonderful and beautiful." What mother doesn't relish in those words spoken from the mouths of babes? I have treasured them all these years, and although they are not said anymore out loud, I know that Josh loves me, and still thinks (in his view) that I'm wonderful and beautiful.  Did you know, Josh, how much those words would mean to me, and help comfort me in the years since your toddler days?

Of all my children, Josh is the most humorous, always happy and taking life a little less seriously than the rest of us. He is calm, even tempered, always laughing at something, making others laugh, and simply enjoying his life each day. He comes up with the best jokes, always kidding around, but as he is getting older,  he is keeping himself in check more, yet still knows how to enjoy the moment.  Did you know Josh, that your easy going spirit has been a blessing in my life and is teaching me to relax more?

Josh is kind, compassionate, loving, gentle. The compassionate side of him loves animals, in which he spends quality time with his bearded dragon, the rooster, any animal that graces our property. He is good to all of God's creatures. I love that about him. While we haven't had a baby in the home for quite a few years, when he is around other babies, he wants to hold them and shows his gentle side. Did you know, Josh, that these qualities you embrace will help you become a giant of a man, exhibiting love to God's creatures and children of God?

Josh is inquisitive, always seeking to learn, never complaining of school work, eager to discover something new. He is willing to help others learn new things, to fix things others have tried their hand at.  Did you know, Josh, what a gif that is, of seeking knowledge and learning, that it will take you far in life and you can become whatever you set your mind to?

Each of my children bring something unique to our family, and Josh is no exception.  I look forward to what the next 12 years will bring in Josh's life, and into mine. As the years go by faster and faster, I find myself wishing time would just stand still. And as I think about each of my children's accomplishments, strengths and abilities; for Josh on this special day, I ask myself, "Josh, did you know you would have such a sappy mom?" :-)