Monday, May 21, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies Make The World Go Round......

Don't they? I sure think so.

Let me start off by saying that this blog post is unlike all my others.  I don't blog about recipes, what I like to make for dinner and why.  Cooking, for me, is a chore!  My husband can vouch for that.  Poor guy, he is deprived of so much by my lack of cooking, and ability of it as well.  Perhaps on the other side, I will be blessed with the desire to do more in that  domestic area of wife and mother.  One can hope, right?  That is yet to be determined. I know that my husband certainly wishes I would devote more time to it in the here and now.

Back to my cookies.  While on Pinterest, I found this recipe, for these amazing chocolate chip cookies; officially called BEST-EVER Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Now I will admit I am quite the skeptic whenever I come across a recipe that claims to be "best ever".  Many times when I've attempted such a task at duplicating one, it usually falls short of what I was expecting.  But not these!!!!! They are amazing.  I did tweak it though, in that I use only milk chocolate chips.  We don't eat semi sweet in this house, we just prefer the milk chocolate. But wow, they are to die for, at least in MY opinion.  They may not be the "thing" for someone else, but this happens to be the only chocolate chip cookie that my entire family loves.  Usually there's one or two that don't like a version of the famous chocolate chip cookie. But this one hit the spot.  Thank you Pinterest for helping me satisfy the indulgence of this all famous cookie.

But, here I go, sounding like a food blogger, these cookies got me thinking about life.  How can something like a cookie, do that?  I don't read many food blogs. I follow only one, because I know the gal personally and love her to pieces, and she's a fabulous writer, so I know anything she has to say, even when it comes to talking about recipes she enjoys with her family, are going to be worth my time in reading. It used to be that when I'd come across a recipe, I would see paragraph after paragraph about the forthcoming recipe and I'd be like, "Get on with it, just show me the picture and recipe, I don't need a life history of the ingredients involved."  But, after reading my friend's blog, I understood more the need for it.  It's kind of fun for me now to read about how some recipes come about, why they are important to families and how it can make us feel. Isn't that why, after all, some foods are called, "comfort food"?  I think so. 

When I tried this recipe the other day, I had only one bag of chocolate chips, and the recipe really didn't make that much. The cookies were gone by morning.  All my kids though, wanted me to make more, and so I said I would.  I got a giant bag of chocolate chips and decided my mixer could handle tripling the recipe.  I know, kind of insane to triple a cookie recipe, but I knew they'd get eaten, if not given away.  And I did just that.  OH...... I forgot to mention what sets these cookies apart from any other. They have a particular ingredient in them that I've never ever used in cookies before. Maybe some of you experts have used it, but for me it was a first.  If you try these cookies, pay attention to that one ingredient.  And follow the instructions. I have learned over time to NOT over bake cookies. Much better results that way.

Okay, I keep going off on tangents. Back to life lessons from chocolate chip cookies.  So I intentionally planned on making these cookies today so that when my children came home from school, a batch would have just come out of the oven and there would be plenty of dough to sample.  Now, for all those critics on eating raw cookie dough..... I don't want to hear it!  My husband is very much against it, but I am "living" proof that you don't always necessarily die after eating it.  And that is one of the things I don't want to do deny my children..... the eating of chocolate chip cookie dough.  What  child has not done that?  (Okay, maybe there are some children in the world who haven't) but you know what I mean.  To me, it's one of those childhood actions that I feel should not be denied.

My plan worked precisely how I imagined. The first two pans came out of the oven a few minutes before the children came storming in the back door, which leads you right into the kitchen. The aroma of chocolate chip cookies was permeating the air, the cookies laid nicely on the counter, a bowl full of dough and me standing right there placing more dough onto two more pans.  It was fun to see the expression on their faces as they entered the kitchen, realizing what I had prepared for them.  One child asked.... "Did you triple it?"  Yep I did, I answered, and you can each have one.  Then there was two, and later they had 3.  I think by  night's end they gobbled up 4 each.  And I don't care!!!  They had their dinner.

You know those commercials where the children come home from school and there's a glass of milk waiting for them along with a plate of cookies?  Well, it's not always like that at my house.  But I'm gong to make sure there are more days like that.  The lessons learned this weekend over chocolate chip cookies was that it was a joy to make something for my children that they ALL enjoyed. That something as sweet as a cookie with chocolate chips in it can make you feel oh so good. It doesn't just satisfy the belly, but the soul too.  It was knowing I fulfilled  a desire my children had, be it as something so simple as making cookies, that made me feel better about being their mom.  And maybe it's precisely because I DON'T cook as often as I should, or am a great baker, that made me feel like I hit the mark when something I made, brought a smile to my children's faces.  That is the best gift of all.

So, I would suggest making some yummy chocolate chip cookies.  They may not be the "best ever" for you, but for me, it was one of those "best over" moments.