Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Shed Tears

For the past few weeks I was hopeful. I tried to remain positive and have faith that Romney, a very decent human being, who gives 30% of his income to charity, would be our next president. I went to bed in despair, shedding tears mainly for my children who will most definitely not grow up in the America I grew up in.

I shed tears because we are self employed and I now see how devastating the re-election of Obama will be to our livelihood. He said our health ins. would not go up. Ours just went up $200 a month. Thank you Mr. President. We are unable to hire any employees because of that law that was forced upon us.

I shed tears because of the values of marriage and life I hold dear to my heart are compromised, as I do not see the leftist views of those social matters in alignment with what God wants for His children. That is my opinion, and I know I will most likely receive negative comments about it, but I will not shadow my beliefs because of what part of this country thinks is "appropriate".

I shed tears because my children and grand children will have enormous debt inflicted upon them because we have a fiscally out of control president and senate and sometimes congress. It was not fair to inflict that upon those who never asked for it. My children will not have the same opportunities afforded to them.

I was so proud of my 3 oldest children yesterday morning who, on their own, wore Red, White & Blue, and their Romney buttons, me knowing full well that being in the public school system, they would receive negativity from that. They came home telling me how most didn't like what they were wearing or what they stood for, but boy, did they make me one. proud. mom. They stood up for what they believed in, defended our candidate and our country.

I was so proud of Hunter, on facebook all evening, articulately explaining his beliefs to his friends and standing up for what was right. How sad it was though, that some of his friends told him he was only hoping for Romney because he's Mormon. Could I assume that some voted for Obama because he was black? I would hope we are not as small minded as that.

I shed tears because I see this great country; a free country, losing its freedoms ever so quickly. I will NEVER believe that bigger government will be the answer to prosperity in this country. Never!

I shed tears for the 4 men who lost their lives in Benghazi, and did so in vain. I shed tears because of the disentegrating of our military which has left us so vulnerable.

I shed tears because I see more and more people willing to live off the government, while my husband works his tail off to provide for our family. There is something to the value of hard work, earning what you get, and striving to live the American Dream. I fear now that the American Dream has turned into..."What will the government give me simply because they owe it to me?"

I know that there will be a few of you who think I need to relax, not get so sappy or hyped up. But I won't listen to that. We have worked so hard to get where we are, and now cannot go any further because of the taxes inflicted upon us, the laws forced upon us. When will it ever be enough? Do you have a magic number? You cannot tax businesses out of control and expect them to keep their business running. Common sense. If you think you can do it, then by all means, start your business and tell me how you do, and how it's worth it.

Now onto a more positive note. I shed tears, because after all of this, I know we have a loving Heavenly Father who has given us agency and He will never take that away from us. We chose, and this is what we get. The next 4 years can only be blamed on those who ran the past 4 years. I know who I am. I still believe America is the greatest land on earth, and that we should not be ashamed of that. Perhaps one day, it can be great again. I am so proud of my husband and my children who fulfill my life like nothing else can, and in the end, they, and my God, are all that matter and what I hold onto the most.

I will pray Obama each and every night. He deserves our prayers, regardless of who he is, or what party he is from. May God ever bless this country, and may we be deserving of those blessings.