Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm new at this.... bear with me

I finally did it, after all these years of wondering if I should; deciding I'd better do it; got it done, then left it for a year. No posts, no pictures, I didn't even tell anyone I HAD a blog. But, I've had the itch lately, to finally join the ranks of all my blogging buddies and venture out into this world of communication that is creeping upon me ever so quickly.

So what's the purpose of this you might ask? Why would you want to discover the happenings in Shelley's life, and family? Well, I don't know. Maybe you won't, maybe you will. It might just be some boring old post that you find no interest in. (My life's pretty boring, so there's a heads up already for you.) But, lately, I've had an itch (there's that word again, I'd better scratch it before it gets out of hand) for writing. I've had a desire to write in my journal more. I'm pretty sporatic when it comes to the journal writing. I'm trying to get better, instead of the maybe 3 times a year entry. And as I've used Facebook to reconnect with family and friends, and have started writing a few "notes" or events in my life, it got me thinking, I really do want to start a blog. (I won't confess how long it was before I realized what a blog was..... I'm pretty late in the game when it comes to things like that). But I will say, it wasn't recently. I have known for awhile, I just don't catch on like the average person.

Another reason I decided to start this was because I recently got a new calling in our church (a calling is like a church assignment, or job) which happens to be teaching the children music. I LOVE IT!!! Now, I can navigate my way around the internet fairly well, enough to find the sites I love that help me in my calling. The more sites I went to, the more I loved what I was seeing; with the blogs that is. I will in no way have a "Primary Chorister Blog" as many choristers do. I am leaving that to the experts in that field. I'm a great borrower of ideas..... don't have too many of my own worth dedicating a blog to.

But the main reason for the blog is to write, and to share the events of our family as they become worth sharing. I wouldn't call myself a great writer, probably not even a good one. But it's something I want to become better at, and improve upon. I love, love, LOVE to read, and..... well, reading and writing go hand in hand (I'll keep the other R out if this, as I'm not that great in that area either). More importantly though, my hope is to share a bit of myself, to you.

So I'll start off right now, by highlighting some basic, yet most likely, very boring facts about me. Let's get acquainted.....

* I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints....I love Church
* I am a conservative. Nope, not a republican, but a conservative... and yes, there IS a difference.
* I am the mother of 5 beautiful children, 4 living
* I am the wife of a very hard working husband
* I have a job, sort of... I do the books for John's electrical contracting business.
* I live in the home I grew up in
* We are in the middle of a remodel of this particular home
* Cooking & baking are not my passion... but I think John wishes it were.
* As I said before I LOVE TO READ!!!!!!! Give me a good book, and I'm lost for awhile
* I love word searches
* I love to make home made cards, and WOULD love to scrapbook..... I'm so behind
*I love to go walking
* I love to sing

Okay, that's it for now. Most of you probably already knew all that anyway. The two posts below, were written on Facebook, and I copied them for here, so if you haven't taken a look, be my guest. It will give you a glimpse of our little life so far. There's a lot of "in between", and someday I may get to that. But for now, this will have to do. I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams


  1. Welcome to the blog world! I'm so excited you've started blogging!

  2. Good job Shelley! It looks terrific. :) Again, call me if you have any questions! Welcome to the blog world. :)

  3. Yay! What? Over a year later? lol That's cool though. Glad you joined. I seriously need to update mine!!

    p.s. I have this CD of Coldplay if you wan this song =)