Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Hope They Remember

Three of my children start school tomorrow.... a 2nd, 4th & 6th grader.  I always have mixed emotions when the new school year comes around.  I miss the wonderful summer days, where we can be lazy, play in the park on the very few sunny days we have, maybe go on a vacation and explore the states, and stay up late watching movies. I love having more time with them during the day.  But when September rolls around, I get sad, because I will miss those days, but at the same time, I know they are ready for routine, as much as I am too.  I am very much a routine kind of gal. I like my schedule, and I like my kids to BE on a schedule. But most of all, as this new school year begins, I hope my kids remember a few things.

I hope they remember how much I love them, as they leave for the bus each day, and how I pray for them and their safety, for their ability to understand their studies, and that I pray they will be able to make friends and be an example to others.

I hope they remember the things their mom and dad have taught them about BEING a good friend, a good example to others, to treat all with kindness and to look out for that other student who may need a helping hand, or a kind word, or just a smile.

I hope they remember that although their teachers ARE their teachers, that we, their parents, are ultimately the one's they look to for guidance on social issues.  

I hope they remember to be respectful to their teacher and other students who may have a different opinion on the days' current trends and way of life. 

I hope they remember that gaining an education is so vital in today's world, that they need to apply themselves and dive into every subject they are encountered with.

I hope they remember to stand up for their beliefs, their standards, and that when they do, regardless of the outcome, they will have done "the right thing".

I hope they remember to take school seriously, as much as it can be fun to be with their friends.

I hope they will feel comfortable in their own skin, not desiring to be like some other kid because he or she looks like this or that.

I hope they will be able to keep their heads above water and hear our voices in the constant noise that surrounds them.

I hope they will be able to keep their balance in an ever shifting of values world.

I hope, for myself, that I have taught them all they need to know to go out into the world, and be an influence on others. I hope I have instilled in them a desire to do good, to be good.

I have had many a parent wonder why I don't home school in these times. I respect others' decisions to home school their children, but for me, right now, it isn't the route I want to go, or feel is right for MY children.  I have faith that my children can endure school, and that they will learn valuable lessons from their every day life there.  For me, I believe it is about arming them with the right tools, values and principles in which I KNOW will help keep them safe from the waves that come crashing down.  Lots of prayer helps too :-)

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