Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grateful Sunday

I've decided to dedicate Sundays to "Grateful Sunday" for blog posts.  I most likely won't do it every week. I'm sure many of you don't want to be bothered by it as well.  But I love Sundays for a variety of reasons, and figured a productive use of my time would be to express my gratitude for the day's happenings.  So let's go.....

1) I am grateful I remembered to take the detour to church today, as a particular road/bridge is closed for a little while.  
2) I am grateful I made it through two hours of singing time with the children at church. I was exhausted, sweating and relieved it was done.
3)  I am grateful I attempted cooking my roast in a different fashion.... it is not done yet, but does look promising.  We shall see, the biggest critics have yet to taste.
4)  I am grateful my husband does genealogy... we may have found some long lost 2nd cousins today!!
5)  I am grateful the hurricane back east is subsiding... I know that doesn't make it any better for those that have been affected... my prayers are with them.
6)  I am grateful for the wonderful summer I have had thus far with my family.  I hate to see it end so soon.
7)  Last, but certainly not least..... I am grateful for the background noise I hear, for they are my sweet children playing with each other, passing the time.

So that's all for now..... perhaps I should have waited until bedtime to say I was grateful no one at the dinner table spit their roast out.  I guess that could still happen. Wish me luck.

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