Friday, October 7, 2011

"Fall"ing in love with Fall

I sure do enjoy this time of year.  It seems as if each season brings on its own particular gratitude for the many things it produces. Yet, near the end of each season comes a sense of longing for the next and a feeling of, "I'm so ready for summer, now that the spring rain has lasted for months on end."  Each season has it's own beauty, but none compare to the magnificent colors of fall, or, autumn, as some people like to define this enchanting time of year.  These are just some of many things I love about fall.

1) The colorsRed, yellow, orange.... the beauty that glows from the trees that hold leaves is spectacular to me.  I have never seen them more vivid as I have in the canyons of Salt Lake City.  I hear they are most beautiful back east.  But seeing as the Pacific Northwest is where I reside, there is beauty here too, and I soak it all in when it comes, for the colors don't last long, and if you're not looking, you will miss it before the leaves take their flight to the ground.

2) The smells & taste.  I love to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. Make them every year.  I'm no cook or baker, that is FOR SURE, but these are a specialty of mine, and there's just something about the pumpkin that I love combined with the chocolate chips... a very moist cookie that lasts for days.  The many spices that are brought from our cupboard, having been hidden behind all the others that take precedence after the holidays;  they are glorious scents when combined with cider and the like.  I almost prefer the smell to the taste, for just the smell can satisfy the comfort and warmth that is often needed more at this time of year from the chilly mornings that accompany the beautiful fog.

I don't have many traditions, but one I do enjoy takes place every April and October when our family has the opportunity to listen to our prophet and leaders speak to us.  I pull out the mixer, yeast, and oranges and whip up some yummy Orange Rolls. It's about the only thing I can make that tastes pretty darn good if I say so myself. Just last week I made them yet again.  Took a few hours to make, but only a few minutes for 8 people to digest.  To me, there is nothing quite like the taste of a warm fresh Orange Roll.  And I can't forget the many yummy smells of my Scentsy Candles.  Right now, Pumpkin Marshmallow is my favorite.  And who can forget the smell of a freshly carved pumpkin awaiting it's kill as children take knives to it and turn it into what was once food, to a scary face?

3)  The Sounds.  It is during this time I hear more vividly the crunch of fallen leaves that have taken to frost, the squish of fresh mud after an Oregon rainfall, usually demonstrated by one or all of my children, because it is much more fun to play in the pouring down rain. 

And speaking of rainfall, the sounds OF the rain as it either gently, or angrily meets the ground for which it was destined.

4)  The feelings.  For me, fall is a bit of a renewal as the season of Spring is to many of us.  It's the beginning of another school year. For me, it's a round of birthdays which brings another new year for my children, myself and my husband.  I treasure this time of year because I celebrate the birth of McKenna, who entered this life a very sick baby.  Her birthday brings a mixture of sadness and joy. Sadness that I am not able to raise her in this life, but joy that I will in the next.  

I also get to celebrate my wedding anniversary to my best friend, in October.  What a beautiful fall day it was as the clouds parted after days of pouring down rain, the sun shone and the ground was dry, just for us.

It's knowing that after Halloween (my LEAST favorite holiday), my thoughts are automatically directed to the next holiday.... Thanksgiving, which means a time to reflect on the many wonderful blessings I have in my life.  A time to feel gratitude for everything I have been blessed with, a time to, once again, try to make the upcoming holidays more meaningful for me and for my children.

It's feeling warmth by the fireplace as the temperatures start to drop. The feeling of being wrapped up in my fleece blanket, losing myself in a book for just a little while.  The feeling of cider or hot chocolate finding it's way to my stomach and warming me up in no time.  It's also a feeling of anticipation for another approaching holiday, the birth of our Savior.

Fall is a beautiful time of year. Although I long for sunny days, especially here in Oregon, I feel like our fall, winter and spring make me appreciate my summers all the more, and for that I am grateful.  Fall is the "runner up" to the "first place" of winter which brings about even more feelings of love, charity and beauty. But that's for another blog.  I am grateful for this time of year that God has blessed us with; with beautiful leaves, fresh rain, and wonderful scents and feelings to fill our lives with even more joy, something summer couldn't satisfy.  And that is why... I. Love. Fall.

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  1. Amen to that! I agree with you. Fall is absolutely by far my favorite season. I'll add to your list that I love getting to wear turtlenecks and boots. :) But you covered all my reasons too! I love your blog Shell. Oh and by the way, you are an amazing baker!!! Give yourself more credit. (Can I get your pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe? Sounds delish!)