Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of School Blues

Kinda, sorta... for me anyway, and not my kids. I don't know that there's been a summer vacation I've looked forward to more than this one; yet at the same time I felt kind of sad for my kids to be done with this particular school year.  They, on the other hand, couldn't WAIT for summer to begin. (Now, if only the weather would cooperate).

I just want to give a gigantic thank you to all 3 teachers of my children. They were fantastic. I was at school today, their last day, helping out where ever I could, as I've done each Tuesday this school year.  And as I was watching the teachers say their goodbyes, give their hugs, tell me all the wonderful things about my kids that I love to hear, I really could feel their genuine love FOR my children.  I could sense their sadness to see each child go, if only for a few months, even though they'll return after labor day. But it won't be the same. They won't be their teacher again, and they won't have the same interaction with them as they did this year. 

Each one of their teachers put their heart and soul in the classroom. I could tell.  There are two professions that I truly feel takes a very special kind of person to fulfill that job: teacher and nurse.  I have had lots of experience with both, and I've been able to distinguish between those that love their job, and those that make me wonder how in the world they chose such professions when they seem to have a hard time dealing with "people". 

Being a teacher is no easy task.  It takes lots of skill, patience, time, dedication, love, sacrifice.  I could go on and on. And aside from all the politics associated with schools and teachers, I know these particular teachers, and many that my children have already had, truly love what they're doing. And for that, I am so grateful. 

I believe that it is within the walls of our own home where we will be the greatest example to our children, where we will have the most important influence.... but it sure does help when they've had such great teachers to help them along the way too. Thank you Mrs. B, Mrs. D, and Mrs. G for helping to make my child's school year such a success. 

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