Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things I learned at a Tim McGraw concert

It was a last minute decision, literally, to go see Tim McGraw last night.  John had talked about it for a week or two, but never purchased any tickets.  He's not one to pay full price for anything if he can avoid it.  He'll gladly tell you the C for his middle initial stands for cheap.  So, avoid it he did.  He arrives home from work at 4:30, gets on Craigslist to see if there are any good tickets for sale, happens to find 2 from someone that lives just down the street from us. I put lipstick on, hairspray my hair, he changes his shoes, and we're off.  We left at 5, the concert started at 7 p.m., about 15 miles north of Vancouver, about a 45 minute drive from our house.  

On our drive there this was some of our discussion...
John:  Have you ever been to a concert before?

Me:  Yeah, John Denver, when I was a little kid.

John:  No, I mean a REAL concert.

Me:  What? That WAS a real concert.  (What girl doesn't like John Denver? He was country/western back in the day.... I still listen to him every now and then)

We arrive, and realize we're under dressed (or, over dressed for that matter, meaning, we've got a little bit more clothing on us than some folks), but it was fun seeing all the cowboy hats and boots and gigantic belts, where I have no idea how some of those guys can bend over wearing them. Oh, and the seats? Well, we paid only $50 each and noticed they said "Pit".  I suppose I should mention, we're not regulars when it comes to going to concerts.  It's been a few decades or so since we've been. I know what the pit is, from musicals I've been to. I didn't really think about it so much until we walked in the arena.  Oooohhhh, the PIIIIIIT. Yeah, so that's where all the arm reaching folks who want their hands touched by the concert giver, and you're standing the WHOLE time, squwished by everyone.  No thanks, I'd rather sit. (Like I'd be doing much of that anyway).  But I still wanted the OPTION to sit if needed.

Sooooo, I persuade John that we just aren't "pit" kind of people, we're OLD. I want to be able to sit down if I need to, and I'm okay with not touching Tim McGraw's hand, I didn't bring any hand sanitizer anyway, so I'm good.  Well, we looked around to see who might enjoy the pit more than me (John would have gladly stayed in it, but being the kind husband he is, he consented to swap).  Now, mind you, we didn't realize these tickets were worth $623.00 each!!  Would I have changed my  mind had I known? Probably not.  We found a mom with her 5 or 6 year old son, who was decked out in Tim McGraw from head to toe, and they gladly gave us their comfy seats about 20 rows back. Still good seats if you ask me. We had EXCELLENT views of Tim.

Here are some interesting details I soaked in while pretty much enjoying myself at this concert....

*  There were only  a handful of sober people at the concert, I'm glad John and I were 2 of them.

*  Grandmas and grandpas pushing 70 and 80, like Tim McGraw's music.  How cute it was to watch them mouth the words to the songs. I wish I could have just taken a picture of them, but they were sitting right next to us, they might have thought we were weird or something.

*  I came to realize that indeed, everyone on the planet does in fact own a cell phone.

* Getting alcohol poured down the back of your seat and not realizing it until you sit down, is not fun, nor does it feel good on your back. I've never had a sip of beer in my life, and now I was going to go home smelling like I took up drinking.  (So glad I brought a blanket with us to dry myself and the seat off).

*  Yep, the music's PRETTY loud. I thought my chest was going to leap out of my body.

*  I believe I lost a bit of hearing about a quarter way through the night.

*  The consumption of alcohol can produce some interesting "shows" from people around you.  If Tim McGraw, Band Perry, or Luke Bryan weren't entertaining enough, the gals in front of us sure were.

*  What I learned most of all?... That giving up some pretty darn good tickets to a little boy and his mom, was worth it, just to see him on his mom's shoulders pretty much the whole time, with the best view a little 5 year old's heart could desire.  

We had a great time. I'm glad we went. It was some good old fashioned "country" fun, and I'm glad I can wake up the next morning, not sick, or puking from a hangover, and REMEMBER the good time I had with my husband whose middle name is cheap.  Sometimes that can turn out to be a good thing! (There's only one other concert I'd REALLY like to go to honey.... Rascal Flatts. Hint. Hint.  And I might turn into a "pit" person for THAT one.)


  1. Who's Rascal Flatts?

    I remember that John Denver concert =]

    That's so funny. You should have called me on the way and I would have prepped you for all that junk. Was it outdoor? Glad you guys had fun. Going to concerts can become a habbit. Although, the last time I went to one was Depeche Mode about 5 years ago. Way to go John!

  2. I love this Shell! You are such a great writer. I like concerts, and would love to go to Taylor Swift in September. But at the same time, you do deal with a "different" kind of crowd at times. And I think the radio sounds much better. :)

  3. I too remember the John Denver Concert. Mom saved up all her money at her part-time job to take us all to that concert. I went to the Paul McCartney concert last summer and IT WAS AWESOME!!! If he's ever your way you should TOTALLY go. A little more high-brow of a crowd. I went with Linda Dyches--Susan Trone's sister.

  4. First of all the C stands for Casanova. And yes Shell traded our one in a lifetime opportunity to be that close to the artist. Oh well they were only worth $1246.00 plus fees. Good thing we only paid $50 each. Em if you had a romantic husband like Shell, you would know who Rascal Flatts is. It was lots of fun 20 rows back. It was very entertaining watching the 2 drunk girls in front of us.